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There are primarily five positives of using a dry herb vaporizer


There has been a huge growth in the use of portable vaporizers since around 2011. We’ve had desktop vaporizers and other at-home vaporizers like the Volcano for a while now, but the popularity of portable vaporizers has skyrocketed in recent years.

Vaporizing herbs is a much healthier option than smoking them

Before being smoked, the dry herbs are often burned to ash. Herbal toxins are released when their chemical composition is altered by heat. On the other hand, when herbs are vaporised, they are heated uniformly to a temperature that is high enough to release their aromas without actually damaging the plants. Herbs acquire a brownish tint after being vaporised.

Second, vaporizers don’t draw much attention to themselves

The vapour produced by a herb vaporizer is much lighter and less noticeable than traditional smoke, and it dissipates quickly. Despite the short duration of exposure, the vapour leaves behind no discernible odour. A major factor in the stealthiness of vaping is the vape device itself.

Third, vaping is easier and cleaner to use than smoking

One might liken a vaporizer to a smartphone in several respects. As soon as you’ve plugged it into an outlet to charge, you’re free to leave. Using a vaporizer means never again having to deal with discarded tobacco or stinky lighters. Walk around your yard in peace while inhaling the vapours from your vaporizer, which you have just loaded and activated.

Enjoying a Vaporizer Outdoors

This was so helpful that it deserved its own spot on the dab rig list, just for the snowboarders and skiers among you. Have you ever tried smoking for the first time while hiking a mountain? There is a lot of wind and rain, so lighting anything is difficult at best. It doesn’t matter if it’s windy or raining outdoors; you can still use a vaporizer indoors.

Vaporizers provide a better, more flavorful taste

Using the same principle as a convection oven, a vaporizer should be able to evenly heat the dry herbs provided they have been properly ground using a herb grinder. Since the herbs themselves are not harmed in any way, you may savour their full, natural flavour without worrying about ingesting any of the toxins that would be created if the plants were burned.

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